A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Status: Alpha

Drop-Dead Discotek is a rhythm based, bullet hell, twin stick shooter taking place in an underground sci-fi nightclub. Players must plow their way through hordes of crazed enemies to the beat of adrenaline pumping music, in their fight to become the head DJ. But first, they have to kill the DJ!

Rhythm Shooting
In a world where the beat never stops, players bullets are enhanced when fired in time with the music! Spray and pray tactics won't help you here, you're gonna have to feel the music!

Psychedelic visuals
Massive club light shows, lasers, and an endless psychedelic void! 

Dynamic, Electronic Soundtrack
Choose from 3 different original Electro and Drum & Bass tracks! But be warned, the faster the music is, the faster the game will be! 

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Install instructions

Download and extract .zip file.
Run executable "Drop-Dead Discotek.exe" in extracted folder

Controller support provided by ReWired.

Link to purchase: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/utilities/rewired-21676


Windows Build v0.1 64bit 50 MB
Windows Build v0.1 32bit 47 MB
Mac Build v0.1 52 MB

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